TV and Radio Appearances

Janine Zacharia regularly appears on major television and radio programs to discuss current events in the news.

Insight on AP reporter’s firing

The Morning Show with Nikki Medoro welcomes Janine Zacharia, who offers insight on Emily Wilder’s plight and the impact on journalistic integrity in general.

The future of journalistic integrity

In the Future of Everything radio show, Stanford bioengineer Russ Altman discusses the future of journalism, fake news and how to become an informed media consumer with Janine Zacharia, a Stanford lecturer in journalism.

Latest developments on Iraq

The Brain Trust: Bill Richardson, Janine Zacharia, and Andrew Slater join TJ Holmes to discuss the latest developments on Iraq and new insight from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

More civilians die in Gaza conflict

NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin and Janine Zacharia join Karen Finney to discuss the latest fatalities and possible steps towards resolution in the Gaza conflict.

Israel, Hamas debate terms of a new ceasefire

Brain Trust Panel: Janine Zacharia, Beth Fouhy, and Barry McCaffrey join Craig Melvin to discuss conflicts in the Mideast and weigh in on the recent New York Times Editorial Board’s support of the repeal on the federal ban on marijuana.

Washington Week with Gwen Ifill

Washington Week moderator Gwen Ifill and panel discuss: reports on Russia’s invasion of Georgia; Lobbyists’ influence at the conventions; and the Hispanic vote in campaign ’08.