Janine is available for speaking engagements and to moderate panel events in California, across the United States and abroad. Her speaking topics include:

Israel: A Reporter’s Notebook

Drawing on extensive on-the-ground reporting and rich anecdotes, Zacharia goes behind the headlines to give a greater, contemporary understanding of recent events in Israel.

Israel-U.S. Relations

What’s the future of Israel’s relationship with its most important ally? A look at the challenges and an outlook for the future.

Israel and the Arab World

How the Arab revolutions are impacting Israel’s future in the region and the world.

Israel and the Media

Israel defenders say the foreign press is biased against Israel. Israel’s detractors say the foreign media does Israel’s bidding. What’s the truth about media coverage of Israel?

U.S. Foreign Policy Challenges

A broader look at U.S. foreign policy across the globe that tries to answer the key question of what America’s role in the world should be.

The Future of Foreign Correspondence

Telling Stories from Abroad in the Digital Age.

Fake News and Media Illiteracy

How to teach our kids to read the news.

The Future of Journalism

How changes to the industry are upending how we consume information.

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Testimonials for Public Appearances

Carla Thorson, PhD

Senior Vice President, Programs, World Affairs, San Francisco

“Janine has a gift — the ability to take on the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and challenges in the Middle East with a direct, clear-eyed and balanced approach.  She also a depth of understanding on the issues, making her an excellent moderator with both nuance and flair.”

Steve Klappholz

Director Western Regional Offices, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

“Janine moderated United States Holocaust Memorial Museum programs in Palo Alto, Los Angeles and Phoenix about online extremism in 2016.  Her involvement, understanding of the topic, and overall participation made all of the programs a huge hit.  We are so very fortunate to have her supporting the Museum’s work and more importantly serving as a representative of the Museum in our public programs. On a personal note, she is a real pleasure to work with and to spend time with.”

Diane Demée-Benoit

Consulting Coordinator, Marin Conversations, The Commonwealth Club of California

“Janine is an extremely skilled interviewer. Her questions drew out the most interesting and important information from our panelists. The audience was attentive throughout the program because Janine kept the conversation moving and relevant.”

Susan Fuller

President, Morning Forum

“Janine Zacharia gave a Morning Forum audience of several hundred an unflinching observation of the turmoil and exceedingly difficult challenges of the Middle East. Ms. Zacharia speaks with candor and clarity. Forum members left with a deeper understanding and a roadmap helping them make sense of issues that are so much a part of the current world.”

Ralph Kuiper

Chairperson, Peninsula Chapter of the World Affairs Council

“With authority, wit and insight, Janine traced root causes of conflicts as they have evolved before, during and after current regional uprisings and laid out options for the future. Janine’s presentation was among the best offered to the public during my ten years as Chairperson of the Mid-Peninsula World Affairs Council Chapter.”

Rachel L. Eisner

Deputy Director of Development, J Street

“We were thrilled with Janine’s moderation of a J Street event in San Francisco in October 2011 that featured former Israeli Shin Bet chief Ami Ayalon. Janine’s participation elevated the program to a particularly exciting and energizing level. We also appreciated how she went with the flow and played moderator during the Q&A. She did it so naturally and expertly.”

Janine hosted and moderated the 51st Carlos Kelly McClatchy Symposium at Stanford in May 2017. (Photo by Jane Nevins)

Speaking Events

  • 9.17.2018 – “The era of noise: how to read the news in the digital age” – San Francisco Waldorf High School